random info in random order //

  1. I'm 33, married almost 12 years, I have two boys and a girl.
  2. flowers always.
  3. roses are my favorite. I had 3,000 of them in "sunset colors" at my wedding.
  4. jeff and I have lived in 7 homes in 7 years. we just hit the four year mark in our current home and it's the longest stay we've ever had.
  5. I've worn glasses everyday since the fourth grade.
  6. I went to school to be a teacher.
  7. I was a summer camp councelor four years in a row.
  8. I've worked as as extra for tv/film, my favorite was a job under the direction of clint eastwood.
  9. I've worked at disneyland.
  10. I've been blogging for almost 9 years and just can't quit.
  11. I learned how to crochet when I was a teen, taught by my mom.
  12. I love yarn everything.
  13. christmas movies are my fave.
  14. I burn anthro candles every day.
  15. I get my haircut once a year. if that.
  16. and I've only had a manicure on my wedding day, and whenever I was a bridesmaid.
  17. my sisters are my best friends.
  18. I drink a pitcher of iced tea a day. unsweetened.
  19. leonardo dicaprio was my first mega crush.
  20. eleanor rigby is my favorite Beatles song.
  21. I can play the flute.
  22. I'm learning how to play the guitar.
  23. I love marching bands and classical concerts.
  24. I've been to over 100 concerts of all genres. music is my jam.
  25. roadtrips are my favorite means of travel.
  26. I was born and raised in orange county.
  27. the ocean is my happy place.
  28. so are pink skies at sunset.
  29. someday I want a house on the beach.
  30. avocados everyday.
  31. I have a weakness for chocolate croissants.
  32. I'm forgetful.
  33. I'm half argentine, and have been to visit twice.
  34. yet I don't speak spanish like my dad, even after taking three years of it in high school.
  35. fall is my favorite.
  36. so are chunky sweaters and soup.
  37. I love Jesus.
  38. I like simple things, no clutter.

// updated march 2016